If you are, then you really need to loosen up! Don’t be so serious! Surfing a softy is all about having fun.

Emphasis on fun.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Paddle out with zero intentions.
  • Ride a Formula Fun 5’3″ Fish.
  • Surf without a leash.
  • Try riding switch.
  • Get goofy and go for broke.
  • Chase dredging shore-break barrels.
  • Smile as you get pounded.
  • Lose your board on the sand.
  • Run up the beach to retrieve it.
  • Wink at the sunbathing hottie who’s laughing at you—err, with you.
The only thing between you and the ocean is your board

For years soft top surfboards have been made with embarrassingly poor quality, toxic and non-recyclable materials.

Formula fun, in alliance with Marko Foam (the company that has been recycling EPS foam—via its Waste-To-Waves Program—to make surfboard blanks) has designed every aspect of its foam surfboards with the environment in mind.

100% of the board is recyclable. The deck pad, the core, the fin boxes, the stringer-system, and the leash plug.

Surf and destroy with confidence on The Green Machine from Formula Fun.


  • No need for wax
  • Rides your favorite set of FUTURES fins
  • Has traditionally shaped rails for better turns and maneuverability
  • Cost 1/3 of what you paid for your daily driver
  • When you inadvertently 😉 run over kooks on the inside this summer you probably won’t be charged with manslaughter
  • You’ll feel like a surf stoked grom again
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% recyclable


  • Not a kook-killer
  • Surf stoked neighborhood groms will beg to borrow it
  • Some dudes in the lineup might inevitably yell, “No foamies homie!”

However, you’ll proceed to enjoy your summer surfing until your noodle arms transform themselves into enviously sculpted limbs of grandeur.

Have fun.

Surf ’til the fins fall off. 

But don’t trash your board once it dies. Instead, reincarnate it! Mail it in or drop it at the Formula Fun headquarters in Irvine, CA for a $50 credit toward your next board.

Learn more about the Formula Fun Recycling Loyalty Program.

And find great eco-friendly products.
Flex your wood as you conquer waves and take your surfing to new heights with the EcoSeries Bamboo Core Thrusters designed on fluid dynamics research from NASA.
The Finpuller grips comfortably in the hand, fits snugly over your salt-crusted fins, plus is gentle and loving on your fin box. Pulling levers has never felt so good. Made from recycled materials.