Angie grew up with a passion for nature; caring for every little creature that walked across her path and spending as much time in the garden with her mother as possible. Tending to the environment in front of her has always been a way of life.

Sheering the tops off of the wedges in her backyard.

“I really believe that by being in nature you can find your peace and answers in what you might be searching.  The ocean feels so engraved into my being, that it’s hard to imagine my life without it.  We are also a perfect part of nature.  So it makes sense that when you tune into nature you also find that peace within yourself.”
Angie learned how waves worked at a young age by standing up on her boogie board and riding the whitewash, and the ocean has been challenging her ever since.  When she was twelve, her sister’s boyfriend (an avid surfer) took her out on his longboard.  After standing up on her first wave, the ocean began to establish itself as a prominent thing in her life.  At 17, around the same time that she got her drivers license, Angie purchased her first surfboard: a used, 6’2″ Rusty model, potato chip-shaped shortboard that was too thin for her level of novice wave-sliding at the time.  Still, every chance she got she was in the water—surfing.

Angie, drowning out the pressures of the world above.

“I spend as much of my free time as possible surfing my local breaks…it feels like home to me,” says Angie.
In the sea, Angie Chiuzzi feels at peace; amidst the power and beauty of the ocean, she feels respect and awe for life.  Surfing has also been elemental in broadening her horizons.

Having fun is what it’s all about!

“I’ve never enjoyed doing anything so liberating and frustrating at the same time—surfing feeds my hunger to get better at the craft, yet reminding me to not take it all so seriously either,” says Angie.
This mindset and attitude have translated nicely for Angie in her business, Bloom Babes, which she co-owns with her best friend, business partner, and sister-mermaid with a flourish for all things floral, Emily Petros. Bloom Babes create floral designs for weddings and large events.  Ever inspired by the sea, these salty souls seek to infuse the ocean’s omnipresent charm into progressive and unique floral designs.

Bloombabes, Emily and Angie at a board meeting—strictly business.

“Not only is our love for the environment a creative source for inspiration, but it also impacts the products we use. Our goal is to source more of our florals locally and become more environmentally efficient with our business footprint,” says Angie.  “I think it’s fulfilling and important to be inspired by and take care of our environment, build our community, and lead the way for other young women.”
Which is why Angie Chiuzzi also works as a women’s coach on Cathedral Catholic’s high school surf team.  She remembers being in high school and not really having a career path call to her.  She knew that she wanted to own her own business but with no idea where to begin or how to reach her goal it seemed—to her young mind—an impossible mountain to climb.

Angie, no problem climbing the lip.

“Coaching high school girls is so much fun.  They’re at that cusp of leaving behind their childhood and then entering the pressure of what it means to become an adult.  Having been there in that real and vulnerable place in life gives it all the more importance of being a positive role model for these young women.  I want to help these girls find their path; inspire other young women to follow a career that they want for themselves.  I want them to see it’s possible and that they can do it,” says Angie.

Mistakes happen. Learn. Keep marching along.

“The most valuable life lesson I have recently learned is that pain fuels creativity and empathy.  It cultivates connection with others.  Sharing your truth may feel scary at times, but every time you hold back truth, you make fear more important than love.”
Angie Chiuzzi is the daughter of Argentine immigrants.  She grew up going back and forth from San Diego to Buenos Aires, but she calls Southern California her home.  Her parents first brought her to the beach as a child, and now her love for the ocean is so deep that she can never leave.  She’s made it a priority in her life to incorporate surfing every day.  She doesn’t schedule meetings before 11:00 am, so if the waves are firing…you’ll see Angie in the water, ripping! If you can’t wait until the next swell, you can follow Angie Chiuzzi:

@grangheee or @bloombabes and

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